Auxilieries for the textile coating

Our product range include polyurethan, polyacrylat, cellusize and xanthan thickener. We could adjust every viscosity and shear rate for your coatings. E.g.: Verdicker PU-C is a very effectiv PU thickener with very low shear rate.

Low formaldehyde, isocyanate and blocked isocyanate crosslinker . E.g.: Vernetzer BI: blocked isocyanate for formaldehyde free crosslinking of polymer dispersions.

Silicon-, mineral oil and silica defoamer. E.g.: Entschäumer M is a compound with hydrophobic silica and silicon for pastes.

Matting agents
Based on fumed silica and polyurethan dispersions

Surface modification
Special silicon and wax dispersion to modify surfaces. E.g.: Silikon HSE 66 is a self-crosslinking silicon dispersion for non blocking surfaces.

Guard UV-T
Special UV absorber to increase light fastness of coatings

Hydrobic and stain resistance agents
Various fluorcarbon-dispersionen (C6) for water repellant and stain resistance.

Flame retardent, foamer, foam-stabilizer, pigments ect. We could offer you this auxiliaries especially for your coatings.