Special applications

Special applications

The area of special applications covers selective areas outside our main industries. It encompasses areas of colouration in the leather and leather fibre industry, rheology additives for the pharma and cosmetic area as well as washing agent raw materials for the detergent and home care industry.


Acid Black 2
Black dyestuff. Sulfonated phenazine dyestuff. Application areas: e.g. dyeing of leather and in the production of leather-dressing agents.

Anionic and cationic pigment formulations
On request.

Acrypol PAV
Cold-water soluable, re-emulsifiable Polyvinylacetat/co-polymer powder for the construction industry.

Especially suited for all kinds for coatings that required flame retarding proberties.

Sulfurblack DS
Sulphurblack dye for application in the paper (mainly recycled paper) and textile industry.
Advantages: clear waste-water, high abrasion restistance. 

Verschäumer HD
Foaming agent for polymer emulsions as well as for natural and synthetic lattices.

Diverse range of tensides for the formulation of cleaning detergents.