Streicherei und Beschichtung

On basis of acrylate and butadien-copolymers

Acrypol D 52 P
Styrolacrylate. Preferebly in board coating

Acrypol DX 40
styrene acrylate, thermally crosslinkable for use in greaseproof coatings

Acrypol CW 45 X
acrylic, suitable for size press and film press




Barrier coatings:

B-Coat WB 100
B-Coat WB 100 is a hydrophobic barrier coating compound based on polymer dispersions and paraffin. Depending on coat weight, the hydrophobic character of a paper and board surface can be modified from Cobb60 adjustment to strongly hydrophobic surfaces with low Cobb1800 values, excellent MVTR barriers and medium grease resistance. B-Coat WB 100 does not contain fluoropolymers, therefore, POFA/POFS-free

B-Coat 50/3
B-Coat 50/3 is a compound of water-based co-polymer dispersions. The product shows excellent barrier characteristics against oil, grease and fat. The migration of polar and nonpolar mineral oil based hydrocarbon components (MOSH and MOAH) is significantly reduced, too. Especially when the coated substrate is creased or folded, B-Coat 50/3 maintains the barrier efficiency due to the high flexibilty and elasticity of the barrier film. B-Coat 50/3 does not contain fluoropolymers, therefore, POFA/POFS-free.

B-Coat NW
further details in the near future



Antislip RF/DLK
non-slip coating

Diverse pigmented coatings
on demand

SoyCoat C
SoyCoat C is a modified natural polymer, based on soy protein polymers. It is used in paper and board coatings as functional co-binder and rheology modifier. Through its characteristic functional properties, SoyCoat 4200 increases water retention of pigment coatings and alters coating viscosity. The amphoteric character of SoyCoat 4200 leads to an interaction with the charged coating pigments, generating higher coating volume and improved opacity.

Vernetzer AZC / Vernetzer KZC
Vernetzer AZC / KZC is used to crosslink carboxyl and hydroxyl groups of synthetic binders, starches and proteins in pigment coatings, paints and adhesives. Wet rub resistance and wet integrity, especially in Offset printing, is significantly improved.

Vernetzer KZC does not contain ammonia, therefore no ammonia smell occurs during usage or drying!