Today, the use of any kind of resources within a future-orientated context is a requisite for a supplier of chemical special and niche products.

We follow this proposition in all relevant areas.

ISO 9001 : 2015

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Product selection

All applied raw materials and auxiliaries undergo a process of permanent screening in regards to its toxicological and possibly harmful potential. Hereby, we always make an effort to reduce possible dangers to people and the environment by actively pushing environmentally-friendly alternatives in our sales activities.

Already today, many of our products are based on polymers (usually not categorized as critical) or even nature polymers.

We will actively follow this development in the years to come.

Management system

Clearly defined schemes of order processing as well as standardized processes in regards to document handling and forwarding are standard procedures at Polycoating. Our customers do appreciate this since many years especially in regards to reliability and flexibility.

We are certified ISO 9001 since 2001.

REACH regulation

The European chemical legislation REACH is the main constitutive element within the supply chain of the chemical industry. Here, we stress our commitment to the fundamental idea of ‘the harmonization of risk and danger potentials’, thus putting great significance on the legal compliance in all areas.

All products supplied by us are fully REACH-conform and therefore pre-registered or fully registered by us, or our upstream suppliers.