Special Products

Colodeep R
Special softener. Improves colour strength of dark, especially sulphur dyed articles.

Antislip K
Product from silicic acid. Nonslip agent for all types of fibres. For all combinations of waterproofing agents, cationic. Imparts a rough handle. Basis: Silicon-dioxide dispersion. Permanent anti-static agent. 

Polyresin COM
Reactant resin. Low in formaldehyde with integrated catalyst. Especially suitable in garment finishing.

Polyflon CO 6
Fluorocarbon resin. High water and oil repellency, especially on cotton and cotton mixes. Weakly cationic. Flammable. C6-Chemie, PFOA and PFOS free.

Polyflon GA 6 
Fluorocarbon resin. High water and oil repellency. Particularly soft handle. For cotton and synthetics. Weakly cationic. Non-flammable. Good results also without condensation.