Paper and Board

Paper and Board

The area of paper and board has always been a central part in our application technology. Hereby, the functional finishing of the surface of the paper or board is equally important as the intentional modification in the wet-end to create the desired characteristics of the final product. Our delivery range in the area of paper and board, is completed by colouration products, mainly Sulphurblack dye as well as pigment preparations.

Special products for use in the papermaking stock

Polypak 27
Pigmented hollow spheres as TiO2 extender and to increase opacity

Polysol KG
Increases the strength of wood-containing and wood free paper pulp (thin printing paper, cigarette paper, etc.). Cationic

Depending on usage and application, also anionic and non-ionic  types

Acrypol LD 10
Styrene-butadiene-co-polymere to increse inner strength

Special products for use in the size press


B-Coat WB 100

Polyflon PK 6

Oleoprotect J11-Formulierungen

Oleogard AC 6

Wetgard FM 5


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Products for coating unit


Acrypol D 52 P

Acrypol DX 40

Acrypol CW 45 X



Barrier coatings

B-Coat WB 100

B-Coat 50/3

B-Coat NW




Acrypol BS 10

Acrypol CW 45 X

Acrypol W 48

Antislip RF/DLK

Diverse pigmented coatings

SoyCoat C


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Polyvinyl Alcohol

Completely saponified
Viscosity 4-30mPa s, liquid

Partially saponified
Viscosity 4-30mPa s, liquid

Pure and crude ether. Diverse types on request.

Rheology and dispersing agents

Verdicker HEC/M

Acrypol Verdicker SP

Verdicker XD

Dispergen S40


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Special colorants

Sulfurblack DS

Water-based pigment preparation

White pigment


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