Paint and Varnish

The paint and varnish industry undergoes a permanent process of advancement and innovation in regards to binders, pigments and additives. This is our motivation to constantly improve our products for this industry. In this context we provide comprehensive coating solutions.

Binding agents

Styrene Acrylates
MFT 0-45°Ce.g. Acrypol 72D; MFT: 18°C, for high-quality, abrasion-resistant interior paints as well as exterior paints and exterior plaster.Acrypol 830 LF-K; MFT: 5±1°C, for interior and exterior paints; free of solvent (suitable for ELF paints); neutralized with caustic potash thus advantageous properties for silicate paints.

Pure Acrylates
50-60%, soft-elastic up to very harde.g. Acrypol RA 650; MFT: 19°C, TG: 20°C; especially suited for the application mosaic plasters and coatings with very slight water absorption.

Vinyl Acetates
Home –and Copolymers, Polyurethanes, divers Urepol types on request.

For hydrophobic formulations.e.g. Sielast BB, watery dispersion of a self-cross-linking Polydimethylsiloxane. Free of APEO and formaldehyde.

White pigments

Titanium Dioxide Anatase, Powder

Titanium Dioxide Rutile, Powder

Dispersing- and wetting agents

Dispergen S40
40% Sodium salt of a polyacrylic acid.

Dispergen A 30
40% Sodium salt of a polyacrylic acid.

Sequestin TK
Wetting agent on basis Tetrakaliumpyrophosphate.


Verdicker HEC/ M
Hydroxyethylcellulose; high-viscosity.

Acrypol Verdicker SP
25% dispersion on basis acrylic-acid ester.

Verdicker XD
Thickener on basis Xanthan for watery medium. High-viscosity. Also as anti-sedimentation agent.