Paper and Board

The area of paper and board has always been a central part in our application technology. Hereby, the functional finishing of the surface of the paper or board is equally important as the intentional modification in the wet-end to create the desired characteristics of the final product. Our delivery range in the area of paper and board, is completed by colouration products, mainly Sulphurblack dye as well as pigment preparations.

Special products for use in the papermaking stock

Pigmented hollow balls for the production of volume and book printing papers.

Polysol KG
Increases the strength of wood-containing and wood free paper pulp (thin printing paper, cigarette paper, etc.). Cationic.

Depending on usage and application, also anionic and non-ionic  types.

Absorber KN
Mineral absorber, high specific surface, strongly absorbing effect of contaminations by mineral oil in recycled paper.

Alu-Oxid PC 07
Amorphous Aluminiumoxide with very high specific surface to reduce aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) and to improve the Robinson test.

Special products for use in the size press

Polyurethane, aliphatic. Improves the printability of ink-jet papers. 30-50%, anionic  and cationic.

Polyflon PK 6
Fluorocarbon resin, cationic. For grease- and water-repellent finishing of paper and cardboards. Especially suited for co-application of waste-papers. In conformity with the requirements of 36th recommendation BfR. Based on C6 chemistry. Conform to FDA.

Oleoprotect J11 / J11-N / J11+
Fluorocarbon resin, anionic. 20% formula. In conformity with the requirements of 36th and 36/2 recommendation BfR. Conform to FDA.

Oleogard AC 6
Fluorocarbon resin, anionic, for oleophobic application.
Conform to BfR recommendation 36 and FDA.

Wetgard FM 5
Hydrophobic agent. Also applied to reduce dusting and improves offset-characteristics with printing paper. Reduces the absorption of printing ink. Anionic.

Products for coating unit

On basis Acrylate as well as Butadien-Copolymers

e.g. Acrypol D 52; Styrene Acrylate, preferably for cardboard coating (both pre-coating and top-coating)

Acrypol D52 P
Styrene acrylic dispersion. Preferebly used in board coatings. (for both pre coat and top coat)

Diverse Latex types for offset and gravure printing.

Acrypol DX 40 
Styrene acrylic dispersion. Thermal crosslinkable for fat and grease repellent application. 

Acrypol BS 10
Compound on basis of pure acrylic with high water retention and good anti-blocking performance. Mainly suitable for coatings of cardboards - highly oleophobic.

Acrypol CW 45 X
Pure acrylic, suitable for size-press and film-press

Acrypol W 48
Hydrophobic barrier coating for paper and board. Confirm the recommendation 36 BfR. Depending on applied amount the COBB 1800 below 5 is possible.

Antislip RF
For anti-slip finishing

Diverse pigmented coatings
On Request

SoyCoat 4200
Modified natural polymer, based on soy protein polymers. SoyCoat 4200 is a functional co-binder and rheologiy modifier for paper and board coatings. Excellent water retention and easy to adjust coating viscosity.

Polyvinyl Alcohol

Completely saponified
Viscosity 4-30mPa s, liquid

Partially saponified
Viscosity 4-30mPa s, liquid

Pure and crude ether. Diverse types on request.

Rheology and dispersing agents

Verdicker HEC/M
Hydroxyethylcellulose; high-viscosity.

Acrypol Verdicker SP
25% dispersion on basis acrylic-acid ester.

Verdicker XD
Thickener on basis Xanthan for watery medium. High-viscosity. Also as anti-sedimentation agent.

Dispergen S40
Highly efficent dispersing and liquefaction agent for the production of pigment –and filler slurries. Strongly negatively charged.

Special colorants

Sulfurblack DS
Sulfurblack for intensively dyeing waste paper. Advantages: clear waste water, good abrasion resistance, no loss of hardness, good price-benefit relation. Pre-reduction with Glucose.

Water-based pigment preparation
Almost all color indices available.

White pigment
Titandioxide Anatas and Rutile, Powder