Garment Finishing

The textile finishing at the ready-made garment is an established process since the 1980s.

We are constantly working on refining existing finishing products and applications. In this context we can draw on our experience since the inception of this industry area.

The techniques and procedures of such application undergo a permanent advancement especially in regards to fashionable trends and sustainability.

Pre-treatment and dyeing

Enzymal NT
Alpha-amylase; enzyme for the removal of starch sizes and those containing starch. Optimum temperature range: 55-65°C (max. 70°C). Optimum pH-range: 6-6,5 (durable from 5,5-9,5).

Stabilan WP
Stabilizer for peroxide bleaching in alkaline medium. Nonionogenic. Non-foaming.

Sequestin AC
Sequestering agent on basis of an acrylate binds/maskscalcium-and magnesium ions. Does not de-metalise, thus especially suited for substantive- and reactive dyeing processes.

Sequestin N
Sequestering and dispersing agent for calcium, magnesium and iron ions. High dispersing properties during washing.

Sequestin RC
Phosphonate; sequestering and dispersing agent. Nonionogenic. Sequestering action durable in chlorine bleaching. Complexes and disguises metal ions and avoids catalytic damage during chlorine bleaching.

Dispergen PW
Washing and dispersing agent with high resisting power. Especially for garment washing.

Dispergen AN conc.
Highly concentrated dispersing agent. 100%.

Nawaclean MS
Special washing agent for denim ware. Removes backstaining.

Extrylan OT
Special washing agent with special alcohols to remove oil-based contamination and for machine cleansing and to achieve special effects.

Diregal SF
Levelling agent for direct dyestuff. Nonionogenic. Dosage 0,5 – 1 g/l.

Coloclean BA
Dyestuff-affine stripping- and washing agent.

Corrosion protection for dye and finishing processes.

Luftex FO
Anti-foaming and deaerating agent with silicone. High shear stability. Applicable also in dyeing processes.

Gleiton P
Lubricating agents for the prevention of crease and strip formation in dyeing and washing processes. Nonionogenic. pH approx.7. Fatty acid ester.

Fixiermittel FL
Product for the improvement of the moisture fastness of direct and reactive dyeing. Cationic. Free of formaldehyde.

Pigmentecht PK
Polyacrylate, flexible, nonionic. Product for the subsequent improvement of the rubbing resistance of pigment dyeings and prints.

Antipilling – Enzymes – Special bleaching process

Hi-Q-Cell COL
A special cellulase product to remove pillings. Suitable for all cellulose materials like cotton, rayon, viscose, linen etc.. Optimal pH range in liquor 4,5-5,5.

Hi-Q-Cell N
A special cellulase product to remove pillings. Suitable for all cellulose materials like cotton, rayon, viscose, linen, etc.. Optimal pH range in liquor: 6.0 - 7.5. Creates a silky handle.

Denilase U-MT
Neutral cellulase for temperature 30-60°C. Very clear and rich in contrast fabric appearance. Application amount: 0.5-2% of fabric weight.

Greylite LK
Bleaching agent with ’’grey effect’’. On basis laccase.

Mixture of carboxylic acids to regulate the optimum pH-value in the applicatiopn of our Hi-Q-Cell products. Product garentees a constant pH-value throughout the time of treatment thus optimizing the use of the cellulases. 

BioBleach complete
Special bleaching system for indigo-dyed denim articles. Basis: Organic bleaching agent / biopolymers. No impairment of the fastnesses.

Denilase CB
Enzyme bleaching to reach very light effects on indigo. Advantages: free of chlorine, biological, no temperature (cold bleaching), thus environmentally friendly.

Used Bleach
System for partial bleaching effects, e.g. spraying on indigo (alternative to Pottasium Permanganate).

Special Products

Colodeep R
Special softener. Improves colour strength of dark, especially sulphur dyed articles.

Antislip K
Product from silicic acid. Nonslip agent for all types of fibres. For all combinations of waterproofing agents, cationic. Imparts a rough handle. Basis: Silicon-dioxide dispersion. Permanent anti-static agent. 

Polyresin COM
Reactant resin. Low in formaldehyde with integrated catalyst. Especially suitable in garment finishing.

Polyflon CO 6
Fluorocarbon resin. High water and oil repellency, especially on cotton and cotton mixes. Weakly cationic. Flammable. C6-Chemie, PFOA and PFOS free.

Polyflon GA 6 
Fluorocarbon resin. High water and oil repellency. Particularly soft handle. For cotton and synthetics. Weakly cationic. Non-flammable. Good results also without condensation.


Denigard / Denigard 100
Special softener with marked protective effect against yellowing and fade-out in indigo-dyed articles. Imparts a soft handle on garment. 

Polysoft K / Polysoft K 100
Softener. Cationic. Soft, smooth handle

Polysoft N
Softener. Nonionogenic. Not yellowing also at high drying temperatures.

Nanosoft S
Softener for Nano- and Fluorocarbon equipped articles. Very smooth handle; can improve effects to some extent.

Microsil Jet
Silicone-microemulsion. Produces a very smooth handle. Improves the deformation value of the fabric. Increases stability of the bath (no staining).