Garment Finishing

Garment Finish

The textile finishing at the ready-made garment is an established process since the 1980s.

We are constantly working on refining existing finishing products and applications. In this context we can draw on our experience since the inception of this industry area.

The techniques and procedures of such application undergo a permanent advancement especially in regards to fashionable trends and sustainability.

Pre-treatment and dyeing

Enzymal NT


Stabilan WP


Sequestin AC


Sequestin N


Sequestin RC


Dispergen PW


Dispergen AN conc.


Nawaclean MS


Extrylan OT


Diregal SF


Coloclean BA




Luftex FO


Gleiton P


Fixiermittel FL


Pigmentecht PK




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Antipilling – Enzymes – Special bleaching process

Hi-Q-Cell COL


Hi-Q-Cell N


Denilase U-MT


Greylite LK




BioBleach complete


Denilase CB


Used Bleach




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Special Products

Colodeep R


Antislip K


Polyresin COM


Polyflon CO 6


Polyflon GA 6 




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Denigard / Denigard 100


Polysoft K / Polysoft K 100


Polysoft N

Nanosoft S


Microsil Jet




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