Verdicker NTB 2

Newly developed polyacrylate thickener for the application in coatings and printing pastes. Besides the easy handling (thickening effects without addition of Ammoniak) and the low emissions values, Verdicker NTB 2 also shows very good contour definition and a low penetration into the substrate. Verdicker NTB 2 is compatible with most polymer dispersions and additives. If a lower...

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Wood, Leather, Textile

In the last month, Polycoating GmbH could successfully complete the REACH registration for Acid Black 2. That means that we will be able to supply all our customers in the future with nigrosine-based products. As one of only very few fully registered suppliers for Acid Black 2 we will be happy to convince you about the quality of our products.

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B-Coat, the latest generation of barrier coatings.

Our water borne barrier coating products are VOC-free, recyclable and free of fluorpolymers.

B-Coat 18 is specially designed as multilayer grease and fat barrier with superior crack-at-fold resistance, as well as excellent barrier against migration of mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOSH / MOAH).


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Antislip DLK: optimized formulation for achieving very high slipping angles with minimum quantities. Applications especially in the field of corrugated board coating are particularly critical with regard to additional moisture and drying requirements. Antislip DLK can create a maximum slip angle with minimal application weight and is also extremely resistant to blocking in the stack.

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Acrypol BS-TS: Barrier coating against grease and oil, which has excellent resistance to breaking in the fold. Most applications achieve a very good grease barrier over a wide area, which loses significant effect after grooving or folding. Acrypol BS-TS shows a significantly improved performance in the groove or fold, particularly in the further processing of coated cartons of higher gram.

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